At Concept Healthcare, we provide a suite of services for health care providers who work with older adults. The common element running throughout our resources and programs is the focus on behavioral health solutions in all aspects of older adult care. We encourage you to explore our range of support services to determine how Concept Healthcare can bring our expertise to your organization.
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Our professional training helps to improve the sensitivity and effectiveness of caregivers.  Our consultation with mental health professionals and nursing homes helps to raise the bar on the standards of service delivery in the long term care setting.  And, the support and education we provide to family caregivers brings psychological concepts into the community, so the individual facing physical and emotional decline can remain at home as long as possible

Concept Healthcare’s overriding goal is to promote the integration of mental and behavioral health concepts in the health care delivery system, with an emphasis on the physical, emotional, and cognitive well being of our aging population.  By understanding the psychology of aging and the physical effects of growing old, our services and training materials are aimed at caring for the whole person.  Only thru greater collaboration between medical and behavioral health practitioners can we truly improve the response to, recovery from, and management of physical problems. Our professional advisors are committed to this philosophy and we emphasize this collaboration in all of our consulting and education.

From building a mental health practice and understanding the rigors of documentation and coding, to assisting with nursing home staff training and implementing anti-psychotic medication reduction programs, Concept Healthcare brings state-of-the-art expertise and knowledge, via 21st Century video conferencing technology, to our clients.

Please review our suite of services, and let us know how we can help.

More about Concept Healthcare
  • From understanding the “3 D’s” to managing problem behaviors, our training is tailored to the needs of your staff.  Our Anti-psychotic Medication Reduction Program examines all psychotropic use and teaches non-drug interventions.


  • We practice what we teach.  We hire licensed providers who embody the same collaborative, integrated care model that we promote in our client facilities.  Our client facilities are located throughout Southern California and in North Texas.


  • Our company addresses the shortage of trained behavioral health professionals to meet the needs of the elderly. From practice building and documentation to anti-psychotic drug reduction programs, our guidance, experience & knowledge are invaluable.


  • Caregivers are now present in one in every five households in the U.S., and over 80& of these caregivers are family members.  On our site, you will find hands-on, practical information to be more effective in meeting the mental health needs of older adults.


  • We train those working with older adults, in a coordinated approach that treats physical and psychological problems together.  To this end, we coined the name CoHealth® to identify our mission to promote inter-disciplinary, multi-modal care.


  • Many of our training programs and resources are available as e-books and PDF’s, and can be purchased online. Finding, learning, and applying this content does raise the bar in treating the psychological components of the changes that accompany aging.



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